The interstitial format goes full-screen when users launch the J5 application. The format is visible on the home screen of all users who launch the application on a given day. It is only available on the J5 mobile application of the Journal de Montréal and Journal de Québec. The interstitial format is sold together with standard formats during the same day.

  • Opens automatically when you launch the app
  • On iOS, opens automatically when you relaunch the app (after moving it to the background)
  • On Android, does not open when you relaunch the app
  • Opens when you move from the last article in the 5th selected theme to the first article in “Chroniqueurs” (columnists) (vertical navigation)
  • Closes automatically after 5 seconds.
  • When you click on it, you are sent to the advertiser’s landing page by your phone’s default browser


  • The interstitial format is activated when you launch the J5 application. It is also activated between the “Thèmes” (themes) and “chroniqueurs” (columnists) sections. This is a full-screen format that automatically closes after 5 seconds or by clicking the “fermer” (close) button.


Required materials:

  • Fixed image, portrait mode. JPG format, 320 x 480, 75k max.
  • Fixed image, portrait mode. JPG format, 640 x 960, 150k max.
  • Destination URL

Clickable area: Only a single URL redirect can be provided since the clickable area covers the surface of the image.


  • Frequency Capping:
  • 1st interstitial ad (homepage): one display per day per user per campaign.
  • 2nd interstitial ad (between themes and columnists): one impression per user every 4 hours per campaign


  • Mobile

* To buy interstitial ad space, you must have a big box and/or leaderboard on J5 on the same day