J5 half-SCREEN

Size : 480 x 670

File size (max): 

• 150 K (image)

• 150 K for HTML5*

     2.2 MB progressive download

Formats : JPEG, HTML5*, hosted on Studio/DFP**. No Third party***


  • J5 Tablet


  • Sections



* Tap is the only interaction allowed in the creatives.

** Client’s HTML5 has to be hosted by us and must comply with our standards and include our trackers. Please find all the information in our advertising gallery at mediakit.quebecormedia.com

*** Third party is not allowed for Full Screen (980 x 670) and Half screen (480 x 670) because « manual impression counting » is used in the mosaic for these formats. In order to avoid a lengthy loading of the mosaïc, ads are called from the server in advance but counting of the impressions only occurs when the ad appears in the « viewport ».